Everywhere you travel, there is something new and exciting to uncover. While there may be commonalities that all people share, there are also things – activities, traits, characteristics – that make us unique, things that we don’t share.

These are the things that make us beautiful, and the more that we encounter them for ourselves, the more we can enrich our lives.

What do you cherish? What do you want to witness firsthand?

Answer these questions and try to find your little piece of joy and happiness, searching for a sense of completeness that you can be proud to call your own.

This is the grand story of the world that we live in, and whatever else it may be in small parts, it is very, very beautiful.

In the summer of 2018, a young couple got an idea. They hailed from two different continents, and as happens so often, romance had brought them together. The idea that struck them, though, was about more than romance – it was about adventure too.

They were going to travel around the world together, discovering all the crafts that different locales had to offer, collecting all the fun and thrills that they could sniff out. Pretty soon, they had come up with a name for their idea: Mitchkoland, which comes from the Serbian word micko, which means “my love.”

Today, the young couple are as committed to their idea as ever before – and to sharing crafts with anyone and everyone. Because they both learned along their separate journeys that real happiness is a result of giving, they are eager to give to others through the Mitchkoland website, making a donation to an NGO foundation every time someone places an order for one of their crafts. Doing more and always exploring, they want Mitchkoland to serve as a reflection for their bond – all its creativity, all its passion, and all its vigor.

The urban lifestyle is one that demands attention; turn away for too long and you are sure to miss something. Likewise, every different lifestyle requires its own approach. From these requirements, crafts arise, exuding the character and personality of the people who develop them.

Mitchkoland is your source for all these crafts, so no matter where you are, you can find a little extra adventure of your own – and a little extra warmth too.

What are you doing today? What are you doing tomorrow? Where are you going? These questions are always there, hanging over you from one moment to the next, but you need not answer them right away: instead, let the inspiration of the crafts on Mitchkoland drive you forward, pointing you in the direction that your heart desires.

you will be thankful that you did so