Whatever you choose to do with your life, you want to know that it is worthwhile. This is something that many people go their whole lives pursuing, never really finding their way. You want to do something that gives you a sense of fulfillment, but things like that are tough to come by. Those who do manage to find fulfillment, of course, will tell you that their struggle to get there was valuable in and of itself. If you are in the midst of the struggle, though, you simply want to find a way out and forward.

We get it.

At Mitchkoland, we want to put worthwhile ventures within your reach. Through our charity efforts, you can find a sense of fulfillment just by shopping online. That’s right: every time you place an order for one of the “monthly charity nominated crafts” that we offer at Mitchkoland, we will make a donation to an NGO foundation, passing on the good will that you have shown to us. Charity – which is, after all, just another word for love – begins in the heart, and when you shop Mitchkoland, you can pursue your urban lifestyle from your very core, doing good, doing right, and living a life that is always worthwhile.