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NEOMA+ respiratory mask is made out of German hi-tech nonwoven fabric. Material filters up to 94% of particles from the air breathed.

The mask is light and compact. 3D flat-fold shape is designed to fit any face shape and make breathing easier. Comfortable behind ear elastic straps can be adjusted in accordance to one’s preference.

Even after heavy use the mask will not lose its uniformity. Microfilament provide superior moisture management.

Microfilament fabric has been granted the Oeko-Tex mark (standard 100, product class I). This certifies that it is free of harmful substances and suitable for contact with baby skin.

The mask is sterilized and can be washed many times

For a private use only. Not a medical mask.
Proudly designed and produced in Serbia for Mitchkoland.

Wash your hands before using the mask. Take it out of the bag and open it by pulling the sides apart. Place the mask so it covers your mouth and nose and secure the ear loops behind your ears. Adjust the length of the elastic chord by untying the knot and adjusting it to your needs. Knots are hidden inside the sleeves at ends of the mask.

Before first use, rinse the mask under running water. You can wash your mask by hand or in the washing machine at temperatures up to 40°C. Once washed, fold the mask to its original shape and lay on a flat surface to dry. Do not tumble dry the mask. Before new use, iron the mask on the low setting.

30% PA, 70% PES

WARNING! Children of age under 12 years should only wear a mask under supervision of adults.

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