Raccoon Lady Necklace

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Inspired by nature and its vivid colors this highly detailed Raccoon Lady will perfectly complete your casual outfit.

Made for real dreamers, nature-lovers, romantic and wild spirits.

Polymer clay


  • Chain length: 60cm

  • Pendant measures: width 10cm, height 5cm, weight 26g


Modern and Stylish necklace – This unique piece has been inspired by charming Raccoon Lady – Colorful handmade jewelry for dreamers and wild spirits.

This piece will inspire you to always be yourself and not follow the crowed.


  • Raccoon Lady necklace has an adjustable chain length and its made of polymer clay

Care Instructions:

This is a  100% unique and handmade masterpiece made from delicate polymer clay, please treat it accordingly:

  • For the metal parts use regular jewelry cleaner, but only soap and water on the clay parts

  • Do not use cleaners, hairspray, nail polish, etc

  • Stay away from heat and extended periods of direct sunlight

  • It is not recommended for wear it during sleep, showering, or swimming

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